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    Parenting and teleworking in confinement

  • Diapo 2

    The return experience of women after maternity leave

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    Perspectives on justice in tough decision contexts at work

JuDy (Justice Dynamics in Organizations) is a research project coordinated by researchers in Human Resources Management from TSM-Research (CNRS / Université Toulouse 1). The project is funded over a four-year period by the French National Research Agency.

Our project is concerned with fairness dynamics at work. We conduct two studies, one on women's work experiences around maternity or adoption leave and another one concerned with work experiences of new parents. 

Spread the word on JuDy

Would you like to support the JuDy project and make it known to the greatest number? Whether or not you participate in the survey, you can hand out leaflets or suggest that your doctor put a poster explaining the project on one of the walls of their waiting room.